Heat Transfer Shirt Machine

Heat transfer shirt machine are mainly used for fabric and t shirt transfer and sublimation printing ;
Semi-automatic and heat area is 80x100cm
Push-pull with double station design ,more easy to feed the fabric
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Heat Transfer Shirt Machine


Technical data

ModelJC-8A-2 heat transfer shirt machine 
Printing area31"*39"inch  (80*100CM)
Packing size(CM):L*W*H150*125*165
Temp. range(℃)0-399
Time range(S)0-999



1. The thicken heating plate can be used for producing large-sized material ,such as fabric ,glass , metal sheet

2. Hydraulic system makes noise smaller, pressure bigger than pneumatic type

3. The process is controlled by digital and uses signal indication and the thermal energy distribute averagely.

4. Adjust the temperature and the timer according to the thickness of the materials.

5. Two workers manual push-pull, bottom on the right side of each have a push-button

6. Four screws in bottom and four screws in holder will coincide perfectly, ensuring bottom plate balance and the accuracy of transferring.



1. What should I look for in a heat press?

When you are buying heat printing machine, you need to look for its ability to provide consistent heat temperatures. A cold spot on the platen is a leading cause of misapplied transfers. A cold spot usually occurs when there is a lack of proper heating, a disconnection in the heating element or a short.

2. How do I know if my heat press has even pressure?

You can easily test your press machine to ensure it has just the right pressure. The only way you can do so is to use four squares of paper and place them on each corner and close your heat press. In case one of the papers is not coming out easily; it means that your platen has been warped and it does not have even pressure.

3. What is the work of a heat press?

This device gives you a temperatures of up to 235C. The machine has pressure and temperature that is greater than a normal iron. You can use it to print images on heat mouse pads, ceramic plates, t-shirts, mugs, and also cups.

4. Does a heat press need cleaning or maintenance?

Yes, it requires cleaning just like any machine. For cleaning, you need to dust your machine with a household cleaner. You can also clean your heat platens, external parts and even silicone pads. When cleaning the heat platen, you can use abrasive free hand soap and a piece of cloth. As for the maintenance, you do not have to worry about it. Heat presses do not require maintenance.