Textile Roller Heat Press Transfer Machine

Textile Roller Heat Press Transfer Machine

1. Blanket: Dupont 2. Oil drum:sealed/seamless 3. Heating principle: 100% oil electric with thermal oil 4. Fed-in media:transfer paper, fabric, protective paper 5. Transfer Mode:Roll to roll / cut-piece
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Textile Roller Heat Press Transfer Machine


Highlight of textile roller heat press


1. The automatically shut down function provides for saving labor and time to wait for the machine cools down to close it and can avoid the blanket to burn out.Highlight.

2. With a large blanket for ensure when seperate far away from the drum to prevent high temperature from destroy the blanket.

3. The oil recylce system for avoid explosion and provide even heating.

4. The unique function of automatically correct blanket edge and automatically correct the belt allow for more accurate positioning.

5.With power-off protection function, blanket and roller can be individually separated.

6.Chrome plating in the roller, it is wear resistant, anti-sticking and transfer excellent.

7.Macine with a device of adjusting the power for saving electricity cost.

8.Employed the air shafts to keep the sublimation paper always flat or smooth.

9.The independent electric box can detect the condition of the heating tube inside the drum and reduce the aging degree of the wire


Technical parameters of textile roller heat press


Model 1.7mx600 cm textile roller heat press transfer machine   
Roller width(m) 1.7  
Roller diameter(cm) 600
Voltage(v) 220V/380V
Power(kw) 38KW
Temp.range(°C) 0-390°C
Speed(m/min) 0-8m/min
Weight(kg) 2300KG
Packing size(cm) 263*167*171


Detail of textile roller heat press

Textile Roller Heat Press Transfer Machine

Textile Roller Heat Press Transfer Machine