Textile Calender For Sublimation

Textile Calender For Sublimation

Textile Calender For Sublimation Roller –type sublimation thermal transfer printing equipment, the use of heat-conducting oil layer surrounding electric heating diver sion of the principles of design and manufacture of heating, the cylinder surface temperature balanced and stable blanket without of the mechanical structure, with three-phase frequency control devices, machine operation, easy maintenance, transfer to achieve the best and widely used in digital printing industry athome and abroad.
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Product Details

Calender For Sublimation

Machinery Parameter of Textile Calender For Sublimation

Item NameTextile Calender For Sublimation
Printing/Roll width1700 mm  67 inch
Roller diameter420 mm  16.5 inch
Rated output30KW
Packing size263x139x160 mm
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
MOQ1 Set
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex:Gigh temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome:high hardness and abrasion performance
Drum Oil 100%
Temperature range(℃)0-399
Time range(S)0-999

Feature of Textile Calender For Sublimation

1.This heating hose heats oil directly at the higher heating speed.

2.It is equipped with external oil box which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil, it has high security    performance with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic turn off.

3.Blanket ad belt are separated. Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balancing shaft to make 

   sure the pressure on the blanket is consistent with that on the heating roller,Thus completely solve the problem 

   of cooling the blanket while turning off the machine or while power off, and give more protection to the blanket 

   and extend its using life.

4.Use frequency conversion governor which can adjust the printing speed freely. And the transfer printing 

   speed is more stable.

5.Automatic collecting and releasing cloth system is optionally equipped.

6.The electric components of the product are imported, and it separated structure of the electric box with the body machine makes the using life of the electrical equipment longer, the digital control brings higher accuracy.

7.The hardware is with high-tech configuration. The main wall panel and rollers are all reinforced and manufacture  professionally.

8.The releasing-laying system is manufactured with the body machine as a while part, thus to deliver the paper or cloth exactly parallel without deviation. It only converts a small area but it is labor-saving with high overall efficiency.