Rotary Heat Press Sublimation

Rotary Heat Press Sublimation

Rotary heat transfersublimation are used for pieces to pieces and roll to roll sublimate printing ;
the producing speed could up to130m per hour and effective printing width 1.6m heating media is heat transfer oil
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Rotary Heat Press Sublimation


Technical data

Model rotary heat press sublimation
Maximum Media Width 1.7 M
Diameter of Drum 420 mm
Temperature Range 0-399 ℃
Time Range 0-999 S
Working Table Including working table
Fed-in media Transfer paper,fabric,protective paper
Feeding Method Top Feeding
Voltage / Heating Power 220/380 Three phase four wire
Packing Dimension 263x139x160cm
Gross Weight 1800kg
Warranty 1 Year



1. It use oil cycle heated system, can prevent from explosion, Heighten oil tank, fill 100% oil, over 20% than others. Can heated more even.

2. Separate blanket from roller automatically, prevent the blanket from burn.

(When finish printing, we can turn off the machine immediately, save time & energy)

3. Automatic blanket centering system to keep blanket running in its right path

4. Air swelling shaft(Ensure the fabric & paper stable transfer)

5. Security unit prevent the access of hands and scissors

6. The speed can reach 3 meter/minute, it means 4320 meter one day.

7. The suitable temperature is 220-230

8. The paper and cloth would depart once finish sublimation to avoid overlap.

9. Teflon conveyor belt, radiating heat fast, avoid overlap.

10. It has compression system to make the blanket close to roller for high pressure.


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