Rotary 2 In 1 Calendar System

Rotary 2 In 1 Calendar System

This Rotary 2 in 1 Calendar System Roller Heat Press Machine, it is more convenient to transfer printing on clothing and cuttings with more accurate location. Using the pneumatic pressing for wool blanket marks the color of the products darker, and brighter, which greatly speed up the transfer printing.
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Rotary 2 in 1 Calendar System

Advantage of Rotary 2 in 1 Calendar System

1.The automatically shut down function can avoid the blanket to burn out


2.To prevent from high temperature to destroy the blanket that it has a large master to ensure the blanket back far away from the roller drums.


3.The oil temperature heating technology circulates the thermal conductivity of liquid and averagely    heating to avoid explosion.

4.For more accurate positioning,the unique function of automatically correct blanket edge and the  belt allow.

5.It is excellent for applying transfer to piece, roll fabric and ribbon of all types to get a faster  production,(bigger roller diameter, faster speed)


6.With power-off protection function, blanket and roller can be individually separated.


7.Adopted Chrome roller drum, it is wear resistant, anti-sticking and transfer excellent.


8.The air shafts to ensure the sublimation paper always flat or smooth.


9.Macine with a device of adjusting the power for saving electricity cost.

Technical Parameters of Rotary 2 in 1 Calendar System

ModelRotary 2 in 1 Calendar System
Roller width(m)1.7m
Roller diameter(mm)600mm
Packing size(CM)263*167*171cm