Roller Transfer Press Machine

Roller Transfer Press Machine

Sublimation heat transfer printing machine can be used for both roll material and sheet material heat transferring. It is suitable for sublimation transfer large  banners , flags, T-shirt, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mouse pads and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the cloth. Capable of continuous printing  speed, to meet the needs of large volume printing the customer.
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Product Details

Roller Transfer Press Machine

Machinery Parameter

Brand NameJiang Chuan
Item NameHeat Transfer Rotary
Printing/drum width1800 mm  70.8 inch
Roller diameter420 mm  16.5 inch
Rated output27 KW
Weight1900 KG
Packing size2730 x 1390 x1600 mm
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex: High temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome: High hardness and abrasion performance
Drum Oil 100%
Temperature range(℃)0-399
Time range(S)0-999


1. Auto preheat and off machine.

2. Auto trouble diagnosis system.

3. Senior security protection device

4. Oil heating, temperature uniformity (±1-2°C)no deviations of color.

5. The blanket is detachable, and not easy to burn; with belts putting device for installing and fixing the belts.

 6. Roller surface with Teflon coat, high hardness, wear resistant, anti-sticking.

7. With positive and negative function.

8. computer remote control technology.

 JC-26B 420


1. Does the Press rolls the Fabric once it is printed or you have to roll it on a different Machine?   

It can roll fabric after heat press, but we suggest you can roll it on other machine - roll yard machine to collect fabric  as attachment, coz when finished printed , the fabric still has temperature about 90-150, if Roll the printed fabric, the pattern become shape by pulled, and  color, fabric will affect , more important if  stretch fabric, we still advice to keep the stretch fabric in 5-6 hours after finished printing then roll it , or one night ,the color will more  perfect.

2. How many yards or meters per hour?        

150-200 meters per hours, depend on the fabric and the transfer speed.

3. Do you supply Paper and ink and Parts?

We also offer sublimation paper and sublimation ink! We provide one-stop services!





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