Roller Sublimation Transfer Machine

Roller Type Sublimation Transfer Machine (with rewinding function). This machine can heat print color patterns and words painted with subliming ink and solvent on textile fabric such as cotton, hemp and chemical fiber. With automatic rewinding function, it is especially economical and practical to process heat sublimation transfer for whole cloth, fabric etc.
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Roller Sublimation Transfer Machine


Roller Width1700MM
Roller diameter210MM 
Voltage220/380/420 Three-phase
Other VoltageCustom voltage by your special order
Rated output11KW
Package Size248x100x165CM
Other SizeAvailable
Blanket MaterialNomex:High Temperature Resistance
Matched ConfigurationRewind paper/Rewind cloth/Unwind paper/Unwind cloth system
DrumOil 100%

1.The most advanced technology and imported units are adopted by machine controlling system with automatic positioning, accuracy together with security, electronic constant temperature controlling with high accuracy

2.Heating wheel is controlled by sealed and heat-oil heating to efficiently ensure the even and stable temperature.

3.Printing speed is equipped with continuous speed adjustment system; feeding equipment is convenient for operation with swiftness and high reliability.


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