Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

Roller Dye Sublimation Machine can let the blanket to be automatic correction,ensure the normal orbit,make the efficiency of heat transfer enhancement and the transfer quality guaranteed..It adopts advanced oil-warming technology and liquid circular heat conduction, with even heating and   high thermal conductivity
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Product Details

Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

Technical Parameters of Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

ModelRoller Dye Sublimation Machine
Roller width(m)1.2
Roller diameter(mm)210
Packing size(CM)204*100*155CM
Time range(S)0-999S
Recommend compressor Required
Fed-in mediaTransfer paper,fabric,protective paper
Feeding MethodTop Feeding

Products Description of Roller Dye Sublimation Machine

1.The electric control adopts latest technology that allows separation of the machine body and the blanket, 

    with a power failure protection functions

2.Electronic digital terminal temperature control and motor frequency conversion digital speed regulation, 

   with high accuracy (±1-2°C)

3.Roller adopts surface chrome plating technology, with high hardness and good printing performance, 

   wearable and stickiness-proof

4.External oil-filling tank and auto-close valve make it convenient to change heat transfer