Fabric Rotary Printing Machine

Fabric Rotary Printing Machine

This Fabric Rotary Printing Machine has an adjust pressure device and packing paper keeps blanket clean so that make the machine more durable, the transfer effect is better, the work efficiency is high.
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Fabric Rotary Printing Machine

Highlight Of Fabric Rotary Printing Machine

1.Explosion proof device played a role in safety protection

2.The external tank has a thermal insulation layer

3.Automatically correct the adage of blanket

4.Dupont raw material for the blanket

5.To prevent scissors and other obstacles involved

6.Regulate service power,saving energy

7.Manual separation device in case of power cut,increase security

8.air shaft can take up waste paper in roll

9.Conveyor belt edge alignment

10.Teflon belt prevent ghosting on fabric /cloths/cut pieces

Specifications Of Fabric Rotary Printing Machine

ModelFabric Rotary Printing Machine
Roller width(m)1.7m
Roller diameter(mm)600mm
Packing size(CM)263*167*171cm

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