Fabric Calender Machine

Fabric Calender Machine

This new model of machine is not only easy to operation and economical, but also has a good thermal transfer effect and high security.
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Product Details

Fabric Calender Machine

Advantage of Fabric Calender Machine

Integrated operation panel for easy operation

Manual  blanket back can separate blanket from roller drum for2-3cm in case of power cut


Emergency Stop button when press it to separate blanket from the drum for 2-3cm


Explosion proof connection a Integrated  built-in fuel tank.


Manual blanket alignment can adjust the sides of the blanket and keep a parallel position


Adjusting device can straighten the fabric and adjust the tension

Blanket covers drum area of 50% to ensure uniform heating and transfer effect

PVC material belt, long service life and durable

Technical Parameters  of Fabric Calender Machine

ItemTextile Calender Machine
Roller width(m)1.7m
Roller diameter(mm)210mm
Time range(S)0-999S
Packing size(MM)248*100*165CM

Detail show of Fabric Calender Machine