Dye Sublimation Calendar

Dye Sublimation Calendar

Dye Sublimation Calendar that it can use for t shirt, cloth, curtain and outside decorate, tent, etc.This machine have many sizes,and our factory can accept the customized sizes that you need.
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Product Details

Dye Sublimation Calendar

Feature of Dye Sublimation Calendar

1.It use oil cycle heated system , can prevent from explosion , Heighten oil tank ,fill 100% oil, 

 over 20% than others.

2.An compression axle makes the roller and blanket closer.


3.The roller is chromium plating, high hardness, anti sticking, anti-scratching.

4.The blanket is made of nomex, high temperature resistance,durable.

5.It can separate fabric and waste sublimation paper after transferring. The fabric is conveyed 

 by conveyor belt.


6.Two emergency stop switch within arms reach by workers. It can stop immediately in case of emergency 

 and the blanket will auto separate from roller.

7.It can put on two roll of sublimation paper at the same time. It makes the working continued. When one 

 roll of paper ran out of, the other one can put out at once.

Specification of Dye Sublimation Calendar


Product Model  JC-26B Dye Sublimation Calendar 
Roller width1.9m
Roller diameter420mm
Gross Weight(KG)2200kg
Packing size2940x1680x1900mm
Voltage380 V
Transfer speed6 m/min
Drum Oil 100%
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
Quantity of electric elements21pc for 420mm

Detailed Pictures of Dye Sublimation Calendar