Clothes Printing Machine

Clothes Printing Machine

The most advanced technology and imported units are adopted by machine controlling system with automatic positioning , accuracy together with security ,electronic constant temperature controlling with high accuracy, long service life and other features
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Product Details

Clothes Printing Machine

Technical Parameters

Brand nameJiangchuan
Machine NO.JC-26B
Heating area(CM)170*21
MethodSublimation Transfer Printing
Machine typeMultifunctional Heat Press Machine
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)1500KG
Packing Size(CM)248*114*155


1.Home adopt America only Dupont newest Methuss high temperature  resistant add thick do not have seam blanket tape, than original blanket tape life increase  2-3 time.


2.Main cylinder adopts international  newest standard. Surface never gets rusty via plating chromium handling


3.It is steady to guarantee machine operation, noise is little, advance or retreat freely,  service life is the 2 times of ordinary alternating deceleration generator


4.With special heating way, it is even to be heated, guarantee to print quality coloreless difference


5.Scrape edition function and automatic roll paper voluntarily, in turning Indian course in order to avoid turn Indian paper enter again to roll hear to cause turn Indian finished product become invalid.


6.Blanket rectify a deviation function, adjustment is very convenient.


7.It is prolonged that fan scattered hot function makes the equipment life of electrical equipment large.


8.With the installation of wave band of speed adjustment, make generator operation more smooth-going, printing is more grasped easily.


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