Calandra Suppliers

Calandra Suppliers

Applicable to all kinds of clothing, home textiles, handbags, umbrellas, straw mats, crafts, gifts, toys, advertising supplies, hot stamp, heat press machine, calender and so on.
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Calandra Suppliers

Product Description of Calandra Suppliers

1.Roller surface after chrome plating. The advantage of it is anti-sticking, better than the roller  surface spray fused coating , which is easy to be scratched.

2.The power of this machine is motor. Air compressor is used for air shaft and pneumatic pressure. Air shaft can 

    make  the process of putting transfer paper away more convenient. Pneumatic pressure  can connect  cloth to   

    transfer paper more closed,It is more effective.

3.Double roller. It is safer than ordinary roller. It have oil and heating tube between two roller.  The longer roller diameter,    the more evenly heating with the more heating tube.

4.Protect blanket. The scram button can make blanket return. It also can put blanket away by manual  mode. Double    guarantee make the blanket safer.


5.The speed of machine is adjustable. It is controlled by speed controller and frequency converter, but don’t make the speed too fast, it will reduce the time of touching with roller, and then the effect of heating transfer will not very well.

Technical Parameters of Calandra Suppliers

Item nameJC-26B Calandra Suppliers
Roller width2m
Roller diameter600mm
Gross Weight(KG)2700kg
Packing size288*167*171cm
Transfer speed6 m/min
Drum Oil 100%
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
Fed in MediaTransfer paper,blank fabric,protective paper/tissue paper
MOQ1 Set