Calandra Supplier

Calandra Supplier

Using the latest advanced techology,auto correct side,three received three put.suitable for cloth and clothing pieces heat transfer.the working efficiency is 2-3times that of the conventional,electronic digital thermostat control,the number of motor variable frequency speed control,high accuracy,heated wheel seal oil heating oil control can effectively ensure the balance and stability of the temperature.
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Product Details

Calandra Supplier

Specification of Calandra Supplier

Brand NameJiangchuan
Product Model Calandra Supplier
Model No.JC-26G 
Roller width1.8m
Roller diameter800mm
Gross Weight(KG)3000kg
Machine size214x66x154cm 
Worktable Size284x188x215cm 
Voltage380 3phase
Transfer speed6 m/min
Drum Oil 100%
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
MOQ1 Set
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex:Gigh temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome:high hardness and abrasion performance
Warranty1 Year

Highlight of Calandra Supplier

1.The under press plate is with full Teflon be coated, with no mucous.

2.With external oil box which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil, it has high security performance 

    with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic vave off.

3. Blanket ad belt are separated. Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balancing shaft to make 

    sure the pressure on the blanket is consistent with that on the heating roller.

4. Use frequency conversion governor which can adjust the printing speed freely. And the transfer printing speed 

    is more stable.

5. Automatic collecting and releasing cloth system is optionally equipped.

6. The eletric components of the product are imported, and it separated structure of the electric box with the 

     body machine makes the using life of the electrical equipment longer

7. The hardware is with high-tech cnfirguration. The main wall panel and rollers are all reinforced and manufacture    professionally.

8.Heat indicating light turns off once set temperature is reached.

9.Roller with over 800mm adopts double roller core design, which is fuel-efficient and power-saving. It has 

   multi-functions such as electronic non-contact heating module, precise automatic constant temperature 

   control, pneumatic booster, automatic roller winding, inflatable shaft, automatic edge correction etc.