Calandra Sublimation Printing Machine

Calandra Sublimation Printing Machine

Roller with over 600mm adopts double roller core design, which is fuel-efficient and power-saving. It has multi-functions such as electronic non-contact heating module, precise automatic constant temperature control, pneumatic booster, automatic roller winding, inflatable shaft, automatic edge correction etc.
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Product Details

Calandra Sublimation Printing Machine

Specification of Calandra Sublimation Printing Machine

Brand NameJiangchuan
Roller width2m
Roller diameter600mm
Packing size288x167x171cm
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
MOQ1 Set
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex:Gigh temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome:high hardness and abrasion performance
Drum Oil 100%

Highlight of Calandra Sublimation Printing Machine

1.Roller surface with Teflon coat, high hardness,wear resistant,anti-sticking.

2.Digital temperature and speed hardness,wear resistant,anti-sticking.

3.Oil heating,temperature uniformity (±1-2°C) no deviations of color.

4.Using imported heating pipes,heat evenly,durable;imported blankets which is not easy to deviate.

5.The blanket is detachable,and not easy to burn;with belts putting device for installing and fixing the belts.

6.Without smoke and abnormal odour during working.

7.Configuration of five high-quality aluminum air shaft, air shaft collect transfer paper, collect product 

    paper lightly, rolls up more paper and keeps flat.

8.With Italian full oil technology, Roller is easy to add heat transfer oil and has automatic closure of the valve. Moreover, it has the following advantages such as: a row of pressure, explosion-proof and high security