Calandar Machine Manufacturer

Calandar Machine Manufacturer

Deal for transferring high quality images onto polyester fabrics, the machine is able to image roll-to-roll and cut sheet applications such as dye sub banners, soft signage, displays, cut and sew dye sub,sportswear,garments and more.
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Calandar Machine Manufacturer

Feature of Calandar Machine Manufacturer

1.The machine electrical control using the latest advanced technology, no long cooler,

    blanket and cylinder may be used alone manual / electric complete separation, without 

    intermediate  plug spacer having a power failure protection function

2.With the motor function of advance and retreat blankets;

3.Blankets and side conveyor with automatic correction function;

4.Applicable horsepower and planted heat transfer sheet, the working efficiency is 2-3 

 times past.

5.The electronic digital thermostat control, digital speed motor frequency, high accuracy 

  (± 1-2 ℃).

6.A cylinder with chrome surface technology, high hardness, wear resistance, anti-sticking, 

   transfer efficiency is very good.

7.The use of advanced technology heating oil, liquid circulation heat conduction, heat evenly, 

    high thermal conductivity.

8.The peripheral fuel tank, automatic shut-off valve, for conducting oil is very convenient, 

    high safety performance,Unique advantages explosion.

Specification of Calandar Machine Manufacturer

ModelCalandar Machine Manufacturer
Maximum Media Width1.7M/1.8 M/2M/3.2M
Diameter of Drum420mm/600mm/800mm
Transfer Speed5M/Min
Voltage / Heating Power220/380 Three phase four wire
Temperature Range0-399
Time Range0-999
Working TableIncluding working table
Fed-in mediaTransfer paper,fabric,protective paper
Feeding MethodTop Feeding
Machine Size2670*1570*1700mm
Packing Dimension2840*1680*1900mm
Weight3500 KG
Available sizes1200mm 1700mm 1800mm 2000mm
(custom sizes by special order!)
Scope of Delivery

Roller heat transfer machine, Power cable without plug,

 some electronic spare parts for free


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