Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

Advantages of Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar as following : 1.blanket auto correct 2.oil box anti-explosion function 3.frequency heating control system 4.blackout emergency protection system
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Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

Advantage of Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

1. Roller surface with Teflon coat, high hardness,wear resistant,anti-sticking.

2. Digital temperature and speed hardness,wear resistant,anti-sticking.

3. Oil heating,temperature uniformity (±1-2°C) no deviations of color.

4. Using imported heating pipes,heat evenly,durable;imported blankets which is not easy to deviate.

5. The blanket is detachable,and not easy to burn;with belts putting device for installing and fixing the belts.

6. Without smoke and abnormal odour during working. 

Machinery Parameter of Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

Item nameRofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar
Model No.JC-26B
Roller Width1700mm  67''
Drum Diamter420mm  16.5''
Worktable2500mm 98''
Packing size(L*W*H)263x139x160                  
Transfer ModeRoll to roll / Cut - Piece
Heating PrincipleElectric with thermal oil
Other Available Size900mm,1200mm,,3200mm
Custom size by your special order
Working Table No
BlanketNomex Material of  Dupont Brand
Fed-in mediaTransfer paper,fabric,protective paper
Feeding MethodTop Feeding

Application of Rofessional Continous Roll-2-Roll Calendar

This machine has many functions, it can print colorful patterns and words of sublimation and solvent ink on t-shirt, jersey, carpetfabrics, linen and chemical fiber. It is automatic, automatic feeding and collecting , which is especially suited for the disposing of a whole roll of cloth, linen tape and umbrella cloth.