LCD Roller Heat Press Machine

LCD Roller Heat Press Machine

There is external tank connected to the oil drum to fill the oil drum full. Full oil drum improves the stability of oil drum temperature. It makes sure that density of color is the same throughout the large format fabric. New Rotary Heat Press 100% full oil drum is excellent for roll-to-roll transfer. Moreover, heating power (working) is 20% lower now. It helps sign producers reduce the electrical cost.
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Product Details

LCD Roller Heat Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Printing/Roll width1700 mm  67 inch
Roller diameter420 mm  16.5 inch
Rated output30KW
Packing size2630x1390x1600mm
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
MOQ1 Set
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex:Gigh temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome:high hardness and abrasion performance
Drum Oil 100%
Temperature range(℃)0-399
Time range(S)0-999



1.Home adopt America only Du Bang newest Methuss high temperature resistant add thick do not have 

   seam blanket tape, than original blanket tape life increase  2-3 time.

2.Main cylinder adopts international  newest standard.Surface never gets rusty via plating chromium handling

3.With the import machine of direct current, it is steady to guarantee machine operation, noise is little, advance 

   or retreat freely,  service life is the 2 times of ordinary alternating deceleration generator

4.With special heating way, it is even to be heated, guarantee to print quality coloreless difference

5.Scrape edition function and automatic roll paper voluntarily, in turning Indian course in order to avoid turn Indian 

    paper enter again to roll hear to cause turn Indian finished product become invalid.

6.Blanket rectify a deviation function, adjustment is very convenient.

7.It is prolonged that fan scattered hot function makes the equipment life of electrical equipment large

8.With the installation of wave band of speed adjustment, make generator operation more smooth-going, printing  

   is more grasped easily


How do I install the machine?

1.Installation video and training manual book will be sent to you, which is easy to learn.

2.Our technician can speak English and have passport,can support you withoversea installation

3.Free training for your engineer within 3-7days in China.

4.24-hours aid by computer telecontrol.

What's your warranty policy?

We provide 12 months warranty.When the warranty expired, our company will still give you technician support for free.Especially, you can gain the lifelong Warranty for your large format digital inkjet printer with continuously ink order.

I wanna place an order, how to pay and what's your delivery time?

You may use the following payment methods:T/T,Western Union,Money Gram, Cash. We will ship the good within 7 workdays after total payment.