Calendar Roll Press

Calendar Roll Press

Highlight of Calendar Roll Press Machineas following:Air operated. Automatically correct blanket edge and belt. Explosion-proof. Automatically shut down.
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Product Details

Calendar Roll Press

Technical Parameters of Calendar Roll Press

ItemCalendar Roll Press
Maximum Media Width1800mm
Blanket width1750mm
Diameter of Drum600 mm
Transfer Speed3M/Min
Reated power(KW)48 KW
Temperature Range0-399
Time Range0-999 S
Working TableIncluding working table
Fed-in mediaTransfer paper,fabric,protective paper
Feeding MethodTop Feeding
Voltage / Heating Power220/380 Three phase four wire
Machine Size2670*1570*1700mm
Packing Dimension2840x1680x1900mm
Weight2200 KG
Scope of DeliveryRoller heat transfer machine, Power cable without plug, some electronic spare parts for free

Feature of Calendar Roll Press

1.According to hunan machanics, change to upward material feeding, suitable for pack stamping, solve the 

   problems of difficult to align and receive materials, safe, reliable, greatly improve the produnction efficiency,

   electrical control uses the latest advanced technology, machine cooling isn't required, blanket and cylinder 

   can be individually isolated, with power failure protection function.


2.Add new assembly line material receiving rack, convenient to put clothing on, safe and fast; multi-purpose, both 

   packs and pieces are universal;


3.Muiti-function design allows piece transfer, cutting and ribbon heat pressing, improving the efficiency by 2-3times.


4.Electronic digital temperature control, motor variable frequnency and digital speed regulation, high accuracy.


5.Chrome plated cylinder technology, high rigidity, wear resistant, anti-sticking,excellent transfer.


6.Employ advanced outside fuel tank recycle heating, Preheating in advance for saving labor, oil heating recycle 

   to ensure uniform heating.


7.Peripheral fuel tank, automatic shut-off valve, convenient to change heat transfer oil, highly safe, explosio-proof.