Troubleshooting Of Manual Machine

- Aug 08, 2018-

1. Pressure:If the pressure is too big, please adjust the pressure hand-wheel behind the machine, + to add pressure and – to reduce pressure.

2. Time: When the stamping time is up, the buzzer doesn’t alarm or alarm on and on. Please check whether the distance of contactor point of micro switch inside the machine container is appropriate or not. If not, please adjust it correctly.

3. Temperature: When the required temperature is up,temperature indicator points to ”0” position (it approximately takes 15 minutes to make temperature rise up to 180℃). If the machine has been being turned on for several minutes,the heating platen is still not hot, please check the electric circuit.

4. When pressing handle to an end downward, loose hand and handle will release upward. Please adjust the bolts downward. After the completion of stamping,the handle is difficult to lift up, you can adjust the bolts upward.