The Solution Of Ghosting During Rotary Machine Printing

- May 25, 2018-

    With the development of the apparel industry, The customers who run the rotary sublimation machine increase, Rotary sublimation machine as a large machine, can bring high output, cut pieces or roll to roll transfer. In the process of using the rotary sublimation  machine, it is a common phenomenon to appear ghosting during the transfer. Here are the reasons of ghosting and solution.

Judgment methodSolution

There is no timely separation of the fabric when it comes out

See if the wasted sublimation paper is straightened or not.

Separates the fabric and the paper separate immediately.

The method of separation is erroneous.Increasing the speed of motor to collect wasted sublimation paper.
The Elastic fabrics is serious.Test with one meter of fabric with high temperature to see if the size of the fabric Shorter than before entering into drum.Before transfer, Make fabrics squeezing.
Too much ink and too long sublimation time.
Speed up the transfer speed.
Sublimation paper is not dry enough.Check if there is any ink in the back of the transfer paper.Take a small piece of paper to dry and test again.