Simple Fault And Solutions Of Manual Heat Press Machine

- Jun 27, 2018-

Fault PhenomenonJudgement and Solutions
The light of the whole machine does not flash when opening the power switch.The plug pin of POWER is loose or the fuse of POWER interface is burned.
Pressure tune button is not smart.Please add the lubricant oil in the corner of leadscrew of tune button.
When pressing the handle downward,it will flip automatically.Please adjust the pressure handwheel downward.
It is hard to lift it up when pressing the handlebar to end.Please adjust the pressure handwheel upward or by anticlockwise
Insufficient temperatureSet the temperature lower in the instrument and set it higher.
Heat board remains cold when adding temperature.Instrument fault,relay in the electrical container does not work or the heat board is burned.
When time reaches,buzzer can’t alarm automatically.Count sensor switch has a problem on contacting both side upper and down.