Operation Of Heat Press Machine

- Jul 14, 2018-

1. Set the heat press machine on the horizontal place, plug the power and turn on the main power switch. Power indicator light will be on.

2.Adjust the thermostat to the required temperature (usually 120℃-200℃).

3.Adjust time controller to the required time (usually 5-20 seconds or so).

4.Put the cloth on the bottom platen and design side of sublimation paper down to the table.

5.Let heating platen press down.

6.When the heat press time is up, lift the handle up to the original position.

7.If the sublimation paper maintains wet,please wipe it evenly, waiting for 5-20 seconds and then rip it off.If the paper maintains dry,please rip it off immediately.

Other operation video link is below.