General Operation Of Roller Heat Press Machine

- Jun 06, 2018-


After connecting three electricity phase

1.Press button “Blanket enter” (when blanket is entering, the Blanket action indicationwill be light and alarming.When it is in,it will stop alarming)

2.Press “Start”

3.Set the speed “15-20”

4.Set the temperature “220-230”degree Celsius

5.Usually, it spends 1.5-2 hour to be 220-230 degree Celsius


a.Suitable sublimation temp and speed will be needed to test by your design and fabric, you can cut a small pieces of fabric to test. (The design printed paper is better smaller than fabric to avoid color print on blanket)

b.The design side of sublimation paper should be up on the table and fabric is placed on paper.

c.Lower temp with lower speed,higher temp with higher speed.


At the end of working day:

1.Press “Automatic Shut down”, then the roller will stop heating, and the drum will not stop running until the temp. down to 100, then whole machine automatic shut off.

2.There has a “Stop” button which can use when some emergency accident, the blanket can automatically separate from roller totally.