Company Training

- Jan 30, 2018-

In order to improve the product knowledge of the sales staff and proceed new machine production, Learn about the details of machine inner structure and working theory, So that the salesman can be more professional and provide better service for customers. Our company arranged the most senior engineer Mr. Pan train our sales staff systematically.

Training includes: (1)The basic knowledge of heat transfer (2) Roller sublimation machine circuit parameters and common calculation formulas (3) The characteristics of the model (4) Special customized model description.

In 2018 we will launch two kind of new models, one is the new type rotary heat transfer machine, a new type ribbon printing machine.

Mr. Pan's dedicated training, sales staff's efforts to learn, we are aware of the principles and characteristics of each machine more clear, learning and  Supplement  knowledge. Thanks for Mr. Pan and the company's supporting here, we will be even more brilliant in 2018.