Sublimation Press

Single station design takes less space than double station
pneumatic desgin could supply bigger pressure than manual heat press
semi-automatic mode could let the heat plate press automatic
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Product Details

Sublimation Press


Technical parameters of sublimation press

Name sublimation press
Model Number JC-7A-2
Machine Size 40x60CM  (16"*24" Inch)
Gross Weight 102KG
Packing size 122*75*90CM
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 3800W
Temperature range 0℃-399℃
Time control range 0S-999S


Features of sublimation press

1.Automatic,pneumatic ,single station

2.Fully digital temperature & time control

3.Surface coating with antioxdant, Long life beautiful outlook

4.The machine figuration is artistic, in possession of the european and american style

5.pull-out worktable bottom plate ,easy operation,Easy to carry clothing

6.Teflon-coated thick heat platen, speed & even heater technology Interchangeable heat platen


Read before operating

1.Be sure to operate with safe ground wire.

2.Check the voltage before using it. Then turn on the machine

3.When you use it,avoid heating the machine without operating it for long time. You should switch off the power  when you don't use it.

4.When you press the handle,if you feel the pressure is too much and it is hard to press it, or the pressure is not enough and it is too easy press it,please adjust the pressure adjusting knob.the intensity of the machine will be injured if the pressure is too much.


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