Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

The model JC-8B-1 t shirt heat transfer print machine is easy to handle printing machine of a compact fame. JC-8B-1 is an automatic machine fitted with two trays.And it have three regular useful area of 80x100cm(31"x39"),100x120cm(39"x47") , 120x150cm(47"x59")
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Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

Technical Parameters of Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

Model No.JC-8B-1 Jersey Sublimation Press Machines
Printing area43"*63"(110*160CM2)
Working Bench327*201*44
Voltage (v)220/380
Packing size(CM)243*154*193
Under PlatePush-pull
Temperature Range (℃)0-390
Time Range(s)0-390

Advantage of Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

1.Electronic digital thermostat temperature control, high accuracy (± 2 °C).


2.It adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle, power,temperature uniformity,

    temperature coefficient is small.


3.Electronic time control, process shows signal after the completion of instructions.


4.Pressure adjustable,and the pressure of this hydraulic machine is as 4 times as the pneumatic machine.


5.It employs the technology of line slide track and characterizes in heat plate move,non-move chasis,good 

   stamping & stable position.


6.Double worktable in the same side for easy operation(save labor) and saving space.Here the easy operation 

   means it only need 1 worker to operate it,while the other type machine which need 2 workers stand in the 

   worktable 1 and worktable 2 to push it in and pull it out.


7.Machine with pneumatic system can work directly without needing an air compressor. Almost no noisewhen 

   it is working.


 Best Customer Service of Jersey Sublimation Press Machines

1.Though some of customers just pay once for purchasing equipment and perfect service, use and     maintain always keep accompanying from beginning to end. All function can be understood and 

  used easily without any professional knowledge at all. 2.The preventive maintenance during warranty. Our professional engineers will remote assistance for confirming problems, go a step further to offer door-to-door service.