Industrial Wide Format Presses

Industrial Wide Format Presses

Pressure duplex Heat transfer equipment belonging to high, just sliding the bottom  platform, automatic hot foil stamping, hand press productivity is 2-3 times more  economical consumption, a few centimeters thick compressible product, pressure  equalization operation lightweight.
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Industrial Wide Format Presses


♦ Two work tables

♦  large format

♦ Digital Temperature & Time Control

♦ Automatic Alarm

♦ 1 year warranty on entire press

♦ Wooden Package

3 (2)



Model :JC-8A-2

Print size :

Way of working :Hydraulic


Voltage :380V


Power :16 KW
Temperature range :0 ~
399 ℃


Time limit:0 ~ 999S


Packing :Export wooden box packaging


Package Size :100X140X165CM


Weight : 820 KG


Operation Steps:


1. The first step, after connected to the power ,turn on the upper right corner of the rotating power switch in the panel to (emergency switch).
2. The second step, set the temperature and time in the middle of the panel
3. The third step, it takes about 20 minutes to be warming, during rising the temperature, you do not need to press the red button where is at lower right corner, this is the cylinder working button, when you can press this button, it will work. This can greatly help you save power and money.
4. The fourth step, put the ready fabric onto the foam, gently hand down it, to ensure that no fold, and then put the printed the heat transfer paper or sublimation paper on the top of fabric,  It should be noted that our high temperature foam is used 3cm thick , compared to ordinary high-temperature foam, its density is greater, so the effect will be transferred out better.
5. The fifth step, until the temperature reaches the set temperature, turn the black button to the left or the middle is semi-automatic, turn it to the right for the heating platen automatically press work. This step requires press the lower right corner of the red cylinder button to start it work.
6. The sixth step, before the station after the transfer, turn semi-automatic, the heating plate automatically rise. Push into another table, press the automatic, the heating plate automatically under pressing.

Note: Repeat steps 6 and 7.
It should be noted that: in the printed blanks, please put the button to the middle of the test to test the exact temperature and time. In addition, our machine is equipped with an emergency switch, when you find your shop step uneven, and then the station has been automatically travel, or when you find someone below, press the emergency stop switch, it will automatically stop work.



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