The machine can transfer sublimation paper,color pictures and fonts of solvent oil ink on the linen and velvet-oriented materials. Meanwhile, It can also be used to print flower and foam,economical and practical.
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Product Details


Feature of Heatpress

1. It adopts electric digital display and thermostat,high accuracy(±2℃).


2. Make the heat tube and heat plate alloy together,safe,darable and uniform temperature & pressure.


3. Electric time controller,signal indicator after the completion of process.


4. Adjustable pressure.


5. The foaming silica gel is installed at the bottom of the machine, thermostable temperature up to 350 and outer shape still maintains original.

Specification of Heatpress

Model No.JC-7B
Printing area28"*36"(40*60CM2)
Voltage (v)220/380
Packing size(CM)135*83*85
Under PlateFixed
Machine TypePneumatic  Heat Press Machine
Air Compressor Required Required
Temperature Range (℃)0-390
Time Range(s)0-390

Advantage of Heatpress

1.Advanced straight bearing slide way is adopted, and it is simple and convenient for operation.

2.Heating plate is movable and bottom plate is not movable, which ensures that clothing will not be migrated, 

   operation is safe and pressure can be adjusted freely between 1kg/cm2 and 8kg/cm2.