Heat Press Tshirts

Heat Press Tshirts

Adopted automatic pneumatic fitting pressure, it can transfer the lower pressure to higher compress pressure.It contains two locations,parallelly moving the head up left and right more convenient and faster.
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Product Details

Heat Press Tshirts

Technical Parameters

Print area100×120cm(39.4''X47.2'')
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)750
Packing Size(CM)170*125*164CM
Recommend compressorRequired


1. uniform heating, large working area, suitable for large area stamping requirements.


2. the work table frame adopts the pulling type design, the work table uses the high temperature resistance net cloth, changes the old model to use the heavy iron plate design style, causes the operation to be more dexterous, saves labor.


3. the heating plate and the base table are cast aluminum parts, to ensure uniform and stable stamping pressure and temperature.


4. imported original, automatic limit, safe, reliable, high accuracy, long service life.


5. digital micro processing controller precisely controls temperature and time, and process completes signal indication


6. the pressure can be adjusted at random, the floor is equipped with high temperature cotton and imported wool blanket, wide range of hot stamping


7. can be freely converted in manual and automatic operation, high efficiency.

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