Heat Press Machine Thailand

Heat Press Machine Thailand

Heat Press Machine Thailand that it adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle, SAVE power, temperature uniformity, temperature coefficient is small.
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Product Details

Heat Press Machine Thailand

Specification of Heat Press Machine Thailand

Item Name
Print size(CM)40×60 (16''X24'')
Output Rated(KW)
weight (KG)130 
Packing Size(CM)137×70×56 
Working TableTwo
NoteCustom size by your special order.
Customized machine to work with  different power supplies
Warranty1 Year

Highlight of Heat Press Machine Thailand

1.Printing circuit board, electromagnetic switch technology and on-off timer are dopted and it is good-looking 

   and highly accurate. 
2.Safe protection unit being adopted for the machine, it prevents the operator from being pressed and damaged 

    and it is very safe, rational. 


3.Pneumatic function, its noise small, pressure high, energy save, and pressure can be up to 8Kg/cm.

4.Double working platform

Operation Steps of Heat Press Machine Thailand

1. Plug in the power supply, turn on the main power switch (red), the indicator light is on. Note: The whole machine must have a suitable protective ground wire);
2. Adjust the temperature controller to the required temperature and set the required time;
3. After adjusting the temperature and time, wait for the machine to heat up.
4. After the temperature rise is completed, the temperature meter OUT1 light goes out and then flashes automatically. (when keeping warm)