Garment Heat Press Machine Large Format

Garment Heat Press Machine Large Format

Guangzhou Jiangchuan Printing Equipment Machine Co., Ltd bases in Guangzhou city of China . We mainly provide heat transfer equipment and materials. 18 years production experience and 10+ years export experience, we have more than 15000+ square meters standard industrial plant and 500+ employees. Our goal is to become world's leading supplier for heat transfer machine and one stop Purchase Center. As we have strong producing, R&D, sales teams and better after-sale system
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Product Details

Garment Heat Press Machine Large Format


High Grade Silicon Roller Heat Transfer Machine 

1.Double slide out working table 

2.High pressure 

3.Pneumatic auto 

 1 (2)

Product Description

Time range0-999s
Temp range0-300°C
Printing area80*100CM
Package size175x122x178CM

Product features

The heating plate surface with Teflon paint, dust, without high temperature cloth.

Intelligent digital display constant temperature controller, temperature control is accurate (+ 10)

Unique front pressure adjustment mode, the pressure adjustment, convenient and flexible

Digital display of electronic time, the process automatically issued a warning tone

Aluminum heating plate, electric tube and plate body pouring into one, uniform heating, durable

The surface of the heating surface is coated with high temperature and anti - adhesive layer, which is convenient for cleaning and anti-oxidation.

The high temperature resilient foaming silicone, 400 for the working table, is unchanged at.

The machine can be any color or monochrome images, text transfer to: ceramic, metal, glass, clothing etc. material, widely used in shop business, transfer personalized products, garment pyrography used.



Temperature control instrument function is more complex, in addition to setting the temperature value outside do not need to excess regulation, otherwise easy to cause the instrument disorder can not work!!!

If the hot, hot stamping and cold tear, after, please wait 15-20 seconds, it will be hot tear off the paper. If it is hot tear of pyrograph, hot stamping is completed, please immediately hot paper torn off, down clothes lines diagonal tear), successful stamping to the correct time, temperature and pressure together

The final effect is determined to be hot printed material thickness and type of material used and the type of heat transfer paper

Different things should be hot stamping test sample, determine the best stamping time and temperature required for mass production can be good

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