Flat Garment Heat Press Machine

Flat Garment Heat Press Machine

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Product Details

Flat Garment Heat Press Machine

Machinery Parameter

Product NamePneumatic single Working Stations Large Size Heat Press Machine 
Model NOJC-8A-1
Package size200*140*165CM
Gross weight750KGS

Single working tables faster and convenient for printing+Popular type with

 higher pressure suitable for large sizes printing materials

Note:Printing size above 120x150cm is coming with foam sponge ,without silicon sheet


1. Electronic equipment control the temperature, very accurate and prevent over printing.

2.The heated thread and heated board are together safe and durable heat distribution.
3.The heating board is pure aluminium.The printing function is perfect 
4.The electronic time controller shows working time, automatic sound alarm when the prese
nted time comes.
5. Adjust the working pressure anytime, convenient, fast.
6.one working platen heat transfer printing, designed for high productivity with materials ranging from T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. 



1. When the heating plate is not or uneven heating after setting temperature, should check the thermostat and thermocouple, if the thermostat shows “1”, you should replace the thermocouple
2. Time: When the switch to "manual", press the "manual start" will not be pressed down, then check the "manual" switch, when the switch to "automatic", the platen in place will not be pressed down , should check the contact switch is in place, if not, adjust it.
3. In case of quality problems promptly contact with the company

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