Factories Heat Press Machine For Sale

Factories Heat Press Machine For Sale

The surface of heating plate can bear high temperature; smooth surface and high strength; fine heat pressing effect. The surface of bottom plate will be set with high temperature resistant silica rubber plate, which makes all heat transfer articles more perfect.
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Factories Heat Press Machine for Sale

Feature of Factories Heat Press Machine for Sale

1.It adopts integrated digital temperature control indicator diagram.


2.It adopts imported thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy casting principle,power,

   temperature uniformity,temperature coefficient is small.


3.Electronic time control, process shows signal after the completion of instructions.


4.Pressure temperature and time are adjustable.


5.It employs the technology of line slide track and characterizes in heat plate move,non-move chasis, 

   good stamping & stable position.


Technical parameters of Factories Heat Press Machine for Sale

ModelFactories Heat Press Machine for Sale
Printing area28"*36"
Temperature Range (℃)0-390
Time Range(s)0-390
Voltage (v)220/380
Packing size(CM):
PackingWooden Case