Dual Thermal Heat Press Machine

Dual Thermal Heat Press Machine

The pneumatic double station heat press machine is ideal for heat applying transfer to such items as Pockets, collars, socks, sleeves, T shirts, cloth, cushion covers, rock photos, tiles, backpack school bag, jigsaw puzzle, etc
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Dual Thermal Heat Press Machine


Machine NO.JC-7C
Heating plate size(CM)40*50
Voltage(V)220/380 V
Power(KW)3.5 KW
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)105 kg
Packing Size(CM)127*81*90 CM
Recommend compressorRequired
ColorBlue or Customized
Work stationTwo
FeatureEasy operation


1. With advantage of full-automatic control, moving and hot stamping automatically.

It saves labor and improves work efficiency.

2. The heating plate is movable and bottom plate is fixed, which ensure that clothing will not be migrated.

3. Surrounding design is adopted for special tube of heating panel, ensuring uniform heating.

4. Specially treated working table is suitable for printing products for sublimating, heat transfer printing and gilding.

 1 (2)

Turn on the power switch, temperature, time , pressure was adjusted to the desired requirements. ( Temperature control , press the SET button , press the  key to decrease the temperature , press  again for the warm press SET to set a good recovery after the time adjustment : click ST button , press  key to subtract, press  to when applied , press sET again after setting the recovery )
1 , when the temperature is reached, the switching to the "manual" position, the test for hot products suitable for determining the temperature and time can be converted to the "automatic " position , for mass production.

2, when switching to "manual " position , the hand press the " Manual Start " button will automatically heating plate under pressure, when the time arrives heating plate automatically rise , such as stamping process found the wrong place , then press the " Emergency Stop "button to abort the hot pressure , when the switch to the " automatic "position , simply push the board table will automatically place the heating plate under the pressure .

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