Dual Heat Press Machine T Shirt

Dual Heat Press Machine T Shirt

ouble Station T-shirt heat press machine can heat transfer colorful images and characters onto ceramics, glasses and textiles such as flax, chemical fiber, nylon and so on. The machine can also conduct some heat treatments such as hair-planting print, vesicant print and conglutination of cloth lining and cloth under low temperature and low pressure. It can be used for T-shirts, mouse mats, sports clothes, swim wears, bags, scarves ,logo ,umbrellas, pillow cases, socks, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, ID badges, VIP cards, personalized gifts, rock painting, rhinestone, glass photos, metal sheet, aluminum sheet, and so on. and each flat surface items can be printed as long as you want dye sublimation.
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Product Details

Dual Heat Press Machine T Shirt

Technical Parameters

Heating size(CM)40*50
Voltage(V)220/380 V
Output Rated (KW)3.5 KW
weight (KG)105 kg
Packing Size(CM)127*81*90 CM
Work stationTwo
Machine typePneumatic heat press machine

1) Fully automatic 

2) Machine with safe, durable, quantity of heat distribute uniformity performance

3) Electronic time control, process shows signal after the completion of instructions;

4)It employs the technology of line slide track and characterizes in heat plate move, non-move bottom plate, good stamping & stable position.

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