Drawing Oil Hydraulic Heat Press

Drawing Oil Hydraulic Heat Press

The machine can be sublimated ink color patterns or text by thermal transfer on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics, as well as thermal treatment of brim and foaming printing process, economic and convenient
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Product Details

Drawing Oil Hydraulic Heat Press


Time Range0s-999s
Temperature Range0-399℃
Print Area100*120cm
Gross Weight700KG
Pack Size170x140x165CM
Main Feature

Pull-out type design is more suitable for transfer printing +

 no need for air compressor + fully automatic operation + high pressure heat press

1. Uniform heating, large working area, suitable for large area of hot stamping.

 2. Adopt single side and double layer draw-pull bottom frame.Just one person.Double working position can improve work efficiency.The true result is twice the result with half the effort.

3. The draw-slide shelves are made of high temperature resistant mesh.The operation is lighter and easier.

4. Both the heating plate and the base table are cast aluminum parts to ensure the pressure of hot stamping and the uniformity of hot stamping temperature.

5. Single side design can save space compared with other double-position machines.

6. Fully automatic hydraulic design, more convenient and more labor-saving.

7.Hydraulic pressure is noiseless


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