Double-Station Heat Press

Double-Station Heat Press

Pneumatic double-station heat press machine for large format heat press.
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Double-Station Heat Press


  No.   Large format heat press
Transfer size 120x150CM
Customized SizeAcceptable
Voltage  220/380/420 is available
Temperature range 0-399°C
Type   Heat Press Machine
  Weight   690KG
Carton size200x140x165CM
Materialiron, aluminum plate, silica gel plate, LED display

(1) Very thick aluminum heating plate, no cold sport on printing.

(2) the first use of a good set of required: temperature, time, details of the attached instrument panel time and temperature operation instructions

(3) The machine can be any color or monochrome images, text transfer to: ceramic, metal, glass, clothing etc. material, widely used in shop business, transfer personalized products, garment pyrography used.


Temperature control instrument function is more complex, in addition to setting the temperature value outside do not need to excess regulation, otherwise easy to cause the instrument disorder can not work.

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