This press is the lowest cost solution for a business grade heavy-duty digital heat press machine. It is important to note that the back of the heat platen raises above and away the bottom table, providing better access than other clamshell presses. The frame support allows operators to slide shirts over the table with complete drape space around and underneath the loading area. Interchangeable bottom tables for smaller pressing areas are available. This press is idea for environments with space limitations, and for users who need more portability and mobility than the over-weight swingaway presses.
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Product Details


Technical Parameters

Print Area(CM)70×100
Print Area(Inch)27.6*39.4
Gross Weight (KG)74
Packing Size(CM)110X104X60cm
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
PackageWooden case


1.POWERFUL HEAT PRESS - 110 V 1200 W, heats up to temperature fast and evenly within 5 to 10 minutes of being switched on, depends on the temperature you choose. High-quality heat rod, effective thermal conduction, Heat Press efficiently produces the desired results.

2.COST EFFECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER MACHINE- Teflon coated heat platen and heat resisting silicone pad make it the best t-shirt printing machine, you are assured of a neat result. You don't fear that your garments will be messed up with ink or spills from the transfer. With Teflon coated platen, there will be no need to buy Teflon sheets anymore, save money, save effort.

3.DIGITAL CLAMSHELL HEAT PRESS MACHINE- Built-in LED Monitor, timer (Stopwatch) and the adjustable pressure knob ensure precise control of temperature, timing, and pressure during T-shirt printing. Temperature ranges from 33 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, time sets from 0 to 999 seconds

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