Machine For Design T Shirt

Machine For Design T Shirt

Fully digital temperature and time control, LCD displays show the temperature and time;The processing time is electronically controlled, and the finalization of process steps is warned by light.The working surface is covered by imported heat-resistant cloth, so it has a long working life and is easily cleaned.The pressure can be adjust easily
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Product Details

Machine For Design T Shirt

Technical Parameters

Model No.JC-5C-1 
Machine TypeAuto Heat Transfer Machine
ControllerTouch Screen Panel
Packing Dimensions87*76*72 CM
Time Range0-999sec.
Max. Temp.245°C (473°F)
Printing Area40cm x 60cm(16" x 24")
Opening Angle38°
Printing AreaUp to 68mm
Gross Weight54KG

Additional Features

Digital Temperature Readout: See the present temperature value so you know when your press is ready.


Digital Timer can set the precise press time so you never overcook or undercook your transfer.


The digital timer starts counting down on its own as soon as you apply pressure.


The top platen's floatation feature allows it to adjust its angle of attack for even contact.


The heat press machine will always apply the same amount of heat and pressure with every press.

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