Lanyard Press Machine

lanyard heat press machine is specially designed for lanyard printing and pants printing. Since the size of heat platen is 25*100cm, you can use this machine to transfer sereral lanyards at one time.
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Product Details

Lanyard Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Printing area(25*100CM2)
Voltage (v)220V
Packing size(CM)112x92x54cm

Machine Description

With two strong pressure bars, lanyard heat press distributes even heat and pressure, to ensure the transfer result at center and 4 corners. After seting 180C and 60S, this machine will open automaticlly when time is up since it's auto open.

You can also use this heat press for transferring sublimation phone cases, mouse pads, baby bibs etc for higher efficiency with such large size heat platen. More production ability with lower cost.

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