Heat Transfer Label

Heat Transfer Label

Temperature control, using imported components, high precision Electronic time control, process completion signal indicates Work surface with imported high temperature cloth, the role of long life, easy to clean, easily adjust pressure.floor installation of high temperature silicone sponge, a wide range of stamping.heat pipe and the heating plate Note as a whole, the heating time is short, safe, durable, uniform temperature, widely used in factory assembly line .
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Product Details

Heat Transfer Label


Brand NameJiangchuan
Temperature range(°C)0-399
Time control(S)0-999
Printing area(CM2)38X38(15''X15'')
Gross weight(KG)32kg
Packing Dimensions(CM)72*48*39cm
Warranty1 Year
MOQ1 Set  

Heat transfer temperature and time settings

1.Sublimation heat transfer - Temperature: 220 C, Time: 20 seconds
2.film heat transfer - Temperature: 160 to 180 C, time: 8 to 10 seconds
3.foam Tang - temperature: 140 ~ 160 C, time: 5-8 seconds
4.hot drilling - temperature: 180 C, Time: 10 to 12 seconds


Operation Steps
1.Plug in the power supply, turn on the main power switch (red), the indicator light is on. Note: The whole machine must have a suitable protective ground wire);
2.Adjust the temperature controller to the required temperature and set the required time;
3.After adjusting the temperature and time, wait for the machine to heat up.
4.After the temperature rise is completed, the temperature meter OUT1 light goes out and then flashes automatically. (when keeping warm)


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