Flat Heat Press

Flat Heat Press

The heat area of this flat heat press are 10x15cm ;
it mainly used for logo sublimation of T shirt or garment
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Product Details

Flat Heat Press


Technical parameters

Voltage(V) 220/110V
Power(KW) 0.5
Printing area(CM2) 8*15
Temperature range(℃) 0-399
Time range(S) 0-999
Gross weight(KG) 21
Packing Dimensions(CM) 54x29x59



1.Automatic,pneumatic ,single station

2.Fully digital temperature & time control

3.Surface coating with antioxdant, Long life beautiful outlook

4.Manual pull-out worktable,easy operation,Easy to carry clothing

5.Teflon-coated thick heat platen, speed & even heater technology Interchangeable heat platen


Read before operating

1.Be sure to operate with safe ground wire.

2.Check the voltage before using it. Then turn on the machine.

3.Please turn off machine at the end of working day.

4.Pressure can be changed via the black knob.


Our company

Founded in 2001

8000pcs monthly production capacity

Models pass CE certificated

12 production lines

Factory occupies more than 1000 square meters / 120 employee

flat heat press



Uses advanced quick clip to support the heating plate and pressure hand wheel, featuring free adjustment.

Surface support is replaced by linear support for gilding table and gilding surface can be adjusted backward and forward.

Electronic LED temperature control, with time of 0-999s controllable.

Telfon anti-bonding coating is used for heating panel;

Heating wire and heating panel is integrated into one.

With imported silicon pad of good elasticity and heat resistance performance of 350°C without distortion



1. Get ready of the power, and press the power button, then the power indicator is lightened.

2. Adjust the temperature to right range. When the temperature reaches the right degree, the indicator on the top of temperature adjuster switch off. Then the following operations can be conducted.

3. Adjust time controller to right time.

4. Flately place the garment on the platen, then cover the printing paper (please note the right surface of the paper)push the handle down to specified point.

5. When the printing time is over, the buzzer noise, then lift the handle to where it was.

6. If you want to peel a cooled printing paper, you should brush the paper, then let it alone for 5 to 10 seconds before peel the paper.