Clamshell Heat Press Machine

Clamshell Heat Press Machine

clamshell heat press are mainly used for t shirt printing
it is suitable for new user beacuse of economic cost ;
the heat size is 40x60cm
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Product Details


Clamshell Heat Press Machine


Technical parameters

16"x24" (40x60cm) Heat Platen

Temperature Range: 0-399°

Time Range: up to 399 second dwell time


Gross Weight:26KG 

Package size: 73*49*42cm



Automatic alarm

Precise Digital Time & Temperature Display

Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment

Scratch Resistant Baked-On Powder Coat Finish

Smooth Shock Opening

Non-Stick Platen with Teflon fabric

Heavy Duty Design

Adjust the pressure anytime



Attention: proper and stable protective ground-wire must be prepared for whole machine.

1)Adjust the temperature to requested temperature, which usually between 120°C-220°C.

2)Set the timer to request time which usually between 5s-20s.

3)Put the material on the lower plate then place transfer paper (pay attention on front and back of it), Press handle till the end.

4)Strength mustn’t exceed thirty kg to protect normal working of handle.

Buzzer is working when timer indicated completion of hot-stamping, then replace the handle.

5)If cold peel thermo printing paper, erase it by brush within five to ten seconds then peel the thermo printing paper.

If hot peel thermo printing paper, erase it immediately after completion of printing.

Perfect thermo-printing requires the cooperation of correct time, temperature and time.


After Service:

1. Long life services, save your cost.

2. One year warranty

3. Best technical support- response problem within 48 hours

4. If you meet problems, no hesitate to contact

5. User Manual in English.

6. Operation Video.

7. Technical Support on-line.

8. You can dispatch your technician to our factory to attend the skill training.