Cheap Heat Press

Cheap Heat Press

This swing cheat press machine has many sizes.Otherwise,different countries have different voltage and plug, if you have special requirement,OEM can be accepted and also you can print your logo, please contact us for more details.
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Product Details

Cheap Heat Press

Technical characteristics of  Cheap Heat Press

1. The heating panel employs the special precision spool technology, which can effectively ensure the evenness and stability of temperature


2.Temperature time control adopts intelligent meter, beautiful,accurate and provide operation convenience


3.Surface of heating panel is coated with Ti-F anti-cohesion layer, featuring high strength, smooth texture, good hot-stamping effect and easy cleaning


4.With the improved bottom support board to regulate pressure, it is more convenient to fit clothing,the adjustable pressure range of 6 cm allows more productsprocessing


5.By using advanced eccentric bearings technology, the machine increases four times pressure produced by common hot machine, thus it is of higher level in heat printing technology.

Technical Parameters of  Cheap Heat Press

Printing area40*50 CM
Under PlateFixed
Packing size(CM):L*W*H74*50*50

Detailed Pictures of  Cheap Heat Press