Affordable Heat Press Machine

Affordable Heat Press Machine

This heat press adopt clamshell design ;
it is suitable for new user beacuse of economic cost ;
the heat area is 38x38cm
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Product Details


Affordable Heat Press Machine


Technical parameters

15"x15" (38x38cm) Heat Platen

Temperature Range: 0-399°

Time Range: up to 399 second dwell time


Gross Weight:26KG 

Package size: 73*49*42cm


How to use this heat press pressed image on the item?

Heat transfer sheets to be pressed onto all fabric surfaces, or personalised pictures or photos to be pressed to plane surfaces.

1.Design your image 

2.Printing an image on the sublimation paper  by inkjet printer 

3.Choose the right machine according to the size of item 

4.Adopt to alnico of the heat board and motherboard, so can heat up equality, level up the surface. 

5.set the machine   with 180~220 degrees centigrade and time 180-230  

6.let the paper cover the  item , press down the upper plate 

7.wait the alarm ,then  release the upper plate ,take off the paper ,finished 


Site Diagram

1.Power Plug

2.Power Switch


4.Temperature Controller



7.Pressure Adjust


9.Silicon Rubber


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