Cfx Mask

Cfx Mask

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Cfx Mask


Product modelNormal KN95
TypeFour layer
Shapecup shape
Sizestock mold
Productiono power20000pcs/day
Packing size32cm*64.5cm*64cm

Detail Disposable MASK's Difference
1. Medical protective mask (N95) "Medical protective mask" fits well with the wearer's face, it can filter particles in the air, barrier droplets, blood, fluids, and so on. It can filter more than 95% non-oily particles.(N95 level). Medical protective mask is personal protective equipment which commonly use to prevent airborne diseases. 2. Surgical mask "Surgical masks" are commonly used in operating rooms. Because there are high risk in fluid and blood spatter. It prevents contamination of blood and body fluids, and can filter more than 70% of bacteria. But it has limited production about the particles, and mostly rectangular design, with facial fit not as well as medical protective mask. 3. Ordinary surgical mask (medical nursing mask) Medical masks of ordinary grade have many names, and those without the words of "protection" and "surgery" in their names are ordinary grade, which are not required to prevent blood, and have no requirements of tightness, so they are only used in the general medical environment. 4.Disposable civil mask is not the standard protective mask, anti - virus effect is not good, but it can prevention of droplets, that's enough for daily life.

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Knowledge of Virus Prevention

1.Indoor air circulation should be maintained to avoid upper respiratory tract infection, rain, cold exposure, excessive fatigue, etc., and people should avoid going to crowded public places during the flu season.


2.Long-term bedridden people should pay attention to frequent changes in body position, turn over, pat back and cough sputum in the airway at any time.


3.For susceptible people such as the elderly and infirm, patients with chronic diseases, influenza vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, etc. can be inoculated to prevent the onset of disease.


4.Attention should be paid to the laws of life and the combination of work and rest. Regular and appropriate sports should be adhered to in order to strengthen the body constitution, improve the cold resistance and the body's resistance.

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