Sublimation Face Mask Machine

Sublimation Face Mask Machine

Automatic mask production line, also known as one to three mask production line, composed of a mask body machine and three ear band composed of welding machine. Every minute can output 120-150 piece of complete plane mask
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Product Details

Sublimation Face Mask Machine

Major Parameters

Machine Size6500mmX3500mmX1900mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 12 KW
Pressure0.5~0.7 MPa
Fuselage material Titanium alloy
Packaging DetailsPackaged by standard export wooden box
Lead Time15-20 days

Introduction of the machine

Three roll of fabric into the equipment at the same time, the use of ultrasound technology, will be facing, the filter layer, the underlying material automatic bonding, and automatic pressure the crease, trimming, finalize the design, cut out the mask ontology, next, to tie in with efficiency, through the transmission system, automatic transmission assigned to left and right side, at the same time, through the photoelectric detection, ears hang, nasal line ultrasonic cutting, welding, make it permanent paste or embedded in the mask body inside, finally, finished product output automatically by the conveyor belt, realized from the expected product line automation, efficiency can reach 100 pieces per minute, Promote the transformation and upgrading of  masks production intelligently!

Floor Space

 mask machine (3)

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