T-shirt Print Label Machine

T-shirt Print Label Machine

2019 New design CE manual operate T-shirt heating transfer factory direct slide out heat press machine.The temp for heating plate will start to rise up,when it reaching temp you set,place the material on the working table and close the handle.
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Product Details

T-shirt Print Label Machine

Technical Parameters

Heater size(cm)40*60
Temp range()0-399
Time range(s)0-999
Warranty1 year
Packing size(cm)72×68×39


1. We supply Manual & Automatic heat press machine with wide range heating size from smallest to large szie 
2.Size:38x38cm/ 40x50cm/ 40x60cm

2. Machine work type: Automatic (Pneumatic, Electric,)/ Manual (Clamshell/ Semi-Auto/Swing Away etc.)

JC-1 Karina 2017.12

Sublimation Printing Process

1.take a digital phot
2.print it out on sublimation/transfer paper with inkjet printer
3.set temperature to 170℃-180 ℃
4.set the desired time (varies from 20 sec. to 45 sec. Longer time leads to darker imperssion)
5.put the paper in the position which you want print on T-shirt/Cloth/Garment/Flat blanks
6.your customized sublimation item is done

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