Machine Sublimation

Machine Sublimation

The pneumatic double station heat press machine is ideal for heat applying transfer to such items as Pockets, collars, socks, sleeves, T shirts, cloth, cushion covers, rock photos, tiles, backpack school bag, jigsaw puzzle, etc
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Machine Sublimation


Machine NO.JC-7B-1
Heating plate size(CM)60*80
Voltage(V)220/380 V
Power(KW)6 KW
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)180 kg
Packing Size(CM)178*102*160 CM
Recommend compressorRequired
ColorBlue +Customized
Work stationTwo


1. Adopt pneumatic cylinder device, transfer lower pressure to strong compression stress.

2. Use pneumatic design machine head, double stations set parallel, save more time and energy.

3. Thicken heating board temperature is more stable and even.

4. Pressure adjustable freely, widely used in factory production line.



1 , pressure: if the pressure is not enough or too much , can be adjusted on the cylinder (filter ) control valve, like clockwise to increase pressure , counterclockwise to reduce pressure ( Please note that if there is oil cylinders ) .
2 , temperature : When the set temperature heating plate does not heat , check the thermostat , insurance, circuit , thermocouple, such as insurance bad insurer seat indicator lights , the thermocouple bad thermostat PV display "ET2 " should be replaced thermocouple, the temperature has been rising the temperature controller bad or solid-state relay bad , then loosen the solid line of control, as has also been rising , it is a solid state relay or bad, as the temperature does not rise is the thermostat is bad .
3 ,  such as quality problems , please contact us.

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